The Rennie mill is situation in Milladen, which is on the banks of the River Ugie, in the Aberdeenshire countryside, just 11 miles west of the most eastern point of Scotland. Just south of Aden Country Park, between Mintlaw and Old Deer, the Rennie mill has remained in the same spot since 1798, in an ideal rustic setting, with exclusive Salmon fishing rights and a waterwheel which once powered the carding sets many years ago, but has since been set up to generate electricity by natural hydro power from the river Ugie.

The above movie shows one of Rennie's six carding sets. See how the blend of mixed colour wool becomes a new solid colour. This differs from many foreign mills whom card white wool and then cone dye it. The above method is more environmentally friendly as a significant proportion of the wool is left undyed. Cone dyeing, on the other hand, requires significant energy to force the dye through the yarn under high pressure - which isn't good for the quality of the yarn either. Rennie's method of loose wool dying is also essential for creating the special Scottish melanges which has become synonymous with the Rennie name.
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