Our yarn is spun from wool to woollen yarn in Aberdeenshire, in the north east of Scotland. The process of manufacturing Scottish woollens is very different from that used by manufacturers outside the UK and has changed little since the Industrial Revolution. Rennie proudly uses more processing oil during carding, the Scottish way, to protect the lustre of the wool in this relatively cold north-easterly maritime climate. The melange shades inspired by "The Colours of Scotland" are made up of blends of many different colours of wool, fused together during the process of carding in one of J C Rennie's six cast-iron carding sets.

Our fancy yarns (Castle, Supersoft Donegal, Supersoft Denim) have at least one leg of Rennie's own spun yarn, but twisted with silk, indigo cotton or sometimes synthetic yarns sourced usually from Italy.

Rennie uses British sourced wool where it can but all lambswool fleece is sourced from either New Zealand or Australia. The tradition of importing lambswool fleece from the former colonies has changed little since the Industrial Revolution, and is part of the romance, no different than importing cashmere from Mongolia or coffee and chocolate from South America. However, this only happened as a result of the fact that there has never been enough wool growers in the UK to support the industry (despite the millions of meat growing sheep), and certainly not for the quality demanded for the softest lambswool yarns made famous by J C Rennie.

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