All the yarn you see in has been made by J.C.Rennie & Co, one of Scotland's oldest and few remaining woollen mills. We are passionate about manufacturing in the UK so all the yarns you see here are genuine and authentic and made in the Aberdeenshire countryside using traditional methods which has changed little since the Industrial Revolution.

Goodness know how much our country needs manufacturing and export now, so for a fairer and more balanced world economy we encourage you to buy British whenever possible. It's not so long ago that our leaders told us we were only going to be a service economy in the future and we all know how badly they got it wrong!

What we would like to do here is create a community of like minded crafts folk, where you can learn and share ideas of how to make the most of the beautiful yarns on sale. There are literally hundreds of yarn shades and many different qualities available, which we hope you will love, but rest assured these are genuine and authentic Scottish yarns, spun in Scotland, and not imported like half the rubbish that's out there at the moment.

We've got yarns on the cone (greasy) for machine knitters and hand weavers and Rennie Handknits (clean) for those who prefer to knit by hand . Take your pick. If you want to hand knit greasy yarn on the cone then why not! It will empower you to finish the product you are knitting just as you wish.

We've just put up our site, and we hope to populate it with lots more in good time, so let us know what you think. Send us your wish list. We'd be happy to hear from you.
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